146.67 Technical Specifications

West Palm Beach - Repeater Site

The AREC Repeater site is located at a tower owned by West Palm Beach near 45th Street and the Turnpike in West Palm Beach. The repeater is a Quantar, manufactured by Motorola, and is located in an air-conditioned Palm Beach County radio shelter.  It is set for 80 watts output and is capable of P25 operation.  Periodic announcements are made from a remote site. Echolink will be installed soon.  The repeater is on a UPS which has emergency generator backup power.

The antenna is a DB-224E by Commscope/Andrew Corp., a 23 ft tall vertical mast with four stacked full-wave folded dipole elements, providing high gain and broad bandwidth, fed by 7/8" hard line. The antenna is located on the SW side of the tower with all four elements pointing West. The base of the antenna is about 344 feet above ground.

This configuration gives us approximately 9 Dbd gain to the West and about 7.5 Dbd gain to the North and South, providing excellent coverage over Palm Beach County (these figures are from the data for this antenna published by Andrew Corp).



The PL Tone

The Repeater uses a PL tone of 110.9 for the purpose of reducing interference from other 146.67 systems in Florida. The PL tone may be turned off during emergencies, SETs, preparedness drills, or any other situations where unrestricted access is desirable.  This frequency complies with the Florida Repeater Council Guidelines.

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