AREC Repeater Group, Inc.
A Non-Profit Public Service Organization
P.O. Box 7623
West Palm Beach, FL 33405-7623

  Amateur Radio Repeater WR4AKX
146.670 MHz
Transmit:  - 600  
  PL: 110.9 

Central Palm Beach County's Secondary
Emergency Service Repeater System

Serving Palm Beach County Since 1972

You, the members of this fine repeater are the owners.
You elect the officers who run it.
Join now so that YOU have a say!


The 2018 Annual Meeting
was held on
March 25, 2018 st 2 PM
at the South Florida Science Center.

  • Business meeting

  • The state of our 146.670 repeater and plans

  • A presentation on the installation of our antenna

  • Questions and discussions


The entire repeater was successfully moved to the new tower (about 1/4 mile East) and into the PB County Communications Shelter on March 17, 2017.  It is working better than ever!

Near 45th St. and the Florida's Tpke, West Palm Beach, FL 33405


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Home Sweet Home

Our Antenna is at 355' on this 400' tower used by the
City of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County

Our new Motorola Quantar repeater (2014)

Click here to read the story and see
of our new indoor location

Click here to see
close up photographs
of our antenna
after 2004 and 2005 hurricanes

Click here to see a photo
gallery showing the antenna repair job done
on December 14, 2005


At a membership meeting, Dave Casazza, our head technician,
demonstrates the RF fingerprint software we use to identify radios used by jammers. 
Every radio leaves a unique "fingerprint" when it keys up the repeater. 

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