Officers and Board of Directors

  President John Samuels, K2CIB
  Vice President Jerry Boivin, KB4DAD
  Secretary Zoran Milenovic, KM4ZM
Treasurer Jerry Grant, KI4NUV
Appointed Director Dave Casazza, WD4LLQ
  Repeater Trustee Chris Hite, AJ1Q
  Past President Richard Gallant, KF4HVT

Technical Committee

  John Samuels, K2CIB Dave Casazza, WD4LLQ
  Chris Hite, AJ4Q Mike McCartor, KA7NOO

For information please contact one of these officers:

John Samuels -  RadioWhiz_at_gmail_dot_com

Jerry Grant - ki4nuv_at_arrl_dot_net

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