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The WR4AKX 146.67 repeater is a general purpose repeater open to all amateur radio operators. Its high altitude, high gain antenna allows county-wide operation, with mobile operators able to reach the repeater from well beyond the county line. Because of its wide coverage and long history of reliable operation, it serves as one of Central Palm Beach County's emergency service repeaters.



The repeater was originally assembled in 1972 by Henry Felton (then WA4HXZ), SK, and a dedicated group of ham friends. It was mounted on a tower at Henry's home on 14th St. in West Palm Beach. It has since been moved to several different locations over the years and has been at its current location since 1990 when the tower was built.

From the very beginning the repeater was intended for public service and open amateur use. In 1974, with the growth of its activity, the group formalized its existence by forming The AREC Repeater Group, Inc. (Amateur Radio Emergency Corp), a non-profit corporation.



The AREC Repeater Group meets only once each year for the purpose of conducting general business. Elections for officers and Board of Directors are held every other year. The BOD meets two or three times a year to address specific issues and maintain the repeater.

The Group exists solely for the purpose of maintaining the repeater system for public service and general amateur use. The "67" repeater has a commendable record of reliable service, and is used regularly by local ARES, CERT and SkyWarn members for public service activities.

Our Group is a proud ARRL Affiliated Club.  Please support the ARRL!

"67" is an open repeater. All amateurs may use the repeater without having to be a member. However, in exchange for their support, members receive access codes for the autopatch and other features.

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